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Current project SCEAD Foundation and Christ University Bangalore INDIA

  Project Jasmine (Adopt a School) 08january 2011


My Experience In Jasmine School And In
Scead Foundation
Scead foundation and Jasmine School has been one of the best experiences in my life. Scead foundation is doing a great job by extending their help to socially and financially backward students. I had a great opportunity to work with them. Daniel sir  had helped us a lot in terms of allowing us to work with them and have a life changing experience. In Jasmine School where I had gone I got a opportunity to help the Scead foundation with the renovation of the school building and helping the students by tutoring them. 

The teachers and students of Jasmine school were happy and excited as they never thought that they will experience a change in their life.  This experience had been a life changing experience for me as I got to help people who were not so fortunate. I had got to interact with the students of jasmine school who had expressed that they were happy because of the changes in their school and with all the new things they had learnt. The Scead foundation is doing an excellent job in terms of helping the rural poor.
Anat Philip George (Christ University Bangalore India)

India is a country of contrasts! The country has as many as 53 billionaires; the fourth highest in the world. But the same country has over 3 million children who don’t get education. Among the world’s 10 richest people, 4 are Indians. On the other side, 17 million Indian children work as labourers. The statement "Children are the future of the nation" stops making sense, then.
I have had the delight of working with an excellent NGO in Bangalore, by the name of  Scead Foundation. This NGO are official partners of THE TIMES OF INDIA group for school adoptions. Its vision and mission is to eradicate all forms of slavery. Scead Foundation underscores the fact that helping is not simply a matter of dispersing money but of making a deep, long-term commitment and casting a hard eye on results.

I along with my group had an orientation with Siju Daniel (the founder of Scead Foundation)on 8th January 2011. The organization has adopted a school New Jasmine, located in the outskirt of Bangalore. The foundation provides funds for the children so that they can study well. I had gone to the school on 9th January and had painted the black board with my friends and it was a nice experience. Through the Scead foundation i got to know the problems that the children are facing and how they are being helped.There are 50 children in the school and their monthly fees is Rs. 150.After all every child is special so we should joins hands to help the children. Working with Scead gave me an opportunity to speak to the children and get to know a lot of people who are help in the children.
 Working with the  NGO(Scead Foundation) has offered us a great opportunity to make a real difference in a short amount of time as well as working alongside teams of enthusiastic volunteers. We have really enjoyed the culture and warmth of the local communities. This volunteer program with its focuses on promoting education. The short term group projects put together teams of like minded volunteers for a few weeks has developed a team spirit among us.

anita khetawat(Christ University Bangalore India)

                      Dreams to help the less previlaged has come true in my life through Scead Foundation India. Through Scead Foundation India i have been able get in touch with those children whose parents struggle to even pay a sum of 150 rupees for their education, while i interacted with the children of New Jasmine School i learnt that even though those children come from not very stable background they have very big and realistic dreams or plans for their future, and most of them are focused in their studies and take every opportunity that comes their way seriously. The path of success for these children have been supported by Scead Foundation India and it needs many others to join hands with this foundation to help  the dreams of these students come true! Sijudaniel, founder of Scead Foundation India is an open minded person who is easy to work with, this makes it easy for a volunteer like me work for the foundation. Scead Foundation India has helped me get exposure to different activities like wall painting, fund raising, tutoring and dancing! These activities have helped me revive my talents and also get to know a few more qualities in me of which i was unaware. 

I would like to thank Scead Foundation India for accepting me as a volunteer and helping me see my dream for social service come true. I hope i will be able to continue my journey with Scead Foundation India and extend my support to 5 students in New Jasmine School for a year and other future project !.


Jessica. (Christ University Bangalore India)


                      Scead Foundation India has been instrumental in strengthening the sense of social responsibility in me! Through Scead Foundation India, i have been able to interact with the students of New Jasmine School who are full of zeal to attain great heights in their career; this is being made possible by Scead Foun dation India. However, it also requires many others to join hands with this foundation to help those children achieve their goals! Scead Foundation India has helped me equip the children of New Jasmine school with skills in wall painting and glittering. Tutoring these students in Mathematics has has given me immense satisfaction that i have used the knowledge gained over the years in the most useful manner. 

As a volunteer in this Foundation i have learnt the art of web designing! Sijudaniel, founder of Scead Foundation India has been a source of inspiration to me, he being a broad minded person has made it comfortable for me to work in this Foundation.   I thank Scead Foundation India for accepting me as a volunteer; I hope to extend my support to New Jasmine School and Scead Foundation India in their future projects.

Sathish.K.S. (Christ University Bangalore India)

Scead Foundation was an easily approachable NGO. I joined them as a volunteer for their current project ‘Adopt a School’. The New Jasmine School was adopted by Scead Foundations for their project. The school was just in the size of one of our classrooms. There were 50 students in this school and all of them belong to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category and could not afford Rs. 150 for their school fees. Then I realized that I should do something to help these children. The first day when we went we had interaction with the school principal and the students. The students were very excited to talk to us and I could maintain a good rapport with them. Then we decided to help in the renovation of the school. All of us painted the school building. It was an exciting experience because it was the first time in my life that I have painted the wall. I really enjoyed doing it and I had lots of fun. Then I helped the students with their studies. It was a nice experience to teach the kids rhymes and play games with them.

The other activity I did was to collect funds for the students’ fees. This was also new to me, and then slowly I started talking to people and collecting funds to help the children. After interacting with the kids I found that it was a blessing to help them. I had a wonderful time working with Mr. SijuDaniel . They were very friendly and guided us whenever we needed any help.      
Thank you 

K.Pavithra (Christ University Bangalore India)

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