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AFTER SCHOOL  EACH ONE TEACH ONE JOIN US BE A VOLUNTEER "Each one ,teach one". This line has inspired many and it inspired us that it is our moral responsibility as educated youths to teach children and make a difference in their life. We ( Radhika, Abhinandan and Vijay) volunteered to teach in SCEAD Foundation adopted  school.  It gave us immense satisfaction in sharing our knowledge with the children in the school.We began our interaction with  children in knowing what their ambitions are in life. Further we even spoke about how important is cleanliness and hygiene. To our surprise these children were well aware of the advantages that proper hygiene provides but it was necessary to motivate them to maintain clean surroundings and throw the garbage in the dustbins. It was really good experience and we are sure that our combined effort will definitely make a difference in their lives and motivate them to accomplish their goals.