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Education Campaign Bangalore south

Education Campaign  Bangalore south Jan/Feb 2016 My second week at the NGO SCEAD Foundation was a very good experience. We had to do survey in small slums. The areas we covered were: -        how many children are there in one family -        are they going to school or not -        if they are not going to school what is the reason for drop out.        if a child is below 6yrs have they taken polio drops or not We made a note of all these and submitted it to the foundation, and the nearby schools. The foundation/ schools, then enquire about the reason for dropouts. If the problem is financial then, they try and offer free education. Initially, it was difficult to work in the slums, but as the days went by I found the work very interesting and also satisfying to know that I was working towards children’s education and health issues.Overall, this was a great experience at the internship at the NGO, as such kind of surveys make us realize how far education is impo