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Child Labour vs Right to Education Campaign

Child Labour vs Right to Education Campaign  Venue : Dhodanagmanghalli, Hosur road, Bangalore India  Date 18th December 2011 Project Director : Siju Thomas Daniel  On 18th December, 2011, The SCEAD Foundation organized a campaign near  S t. Gasper orphanage adopted by SCEAD , near Hosur road. The plan was to walk around the village and make everyone aware of this school, which provides free education or the government school. The main aim was to make them realize that education is more important, and brings fruitful results in the long run.    We all were divided into two groups. my group visited various small factories. It was a heart breaking sight to see young children and teens working among dangerous machines and equipment to earn a living for their family. Instead of learning and playing, they spend their time working. Little do they know that if educated, its going to serve them all along their life. We spoke to all their parents, some of them f

National volunteers, November and December

I started working with SCEAD foundation as an intern from 12 th November 2011,   its been over a month now since I’ve started working with them, Its an honor working for this organization as a volunteer My job here is mainly focused on taking special classes for students at a government school in Frazer town where we have to teach them subjects related to their syllabus it is basically to stop school drop outs, SCEAD foundation has helped me understand the importance of helping others and how our little effort towards these children makes such a big difference in their life. I feel privileged to be doing my bit for the betterment of the society with the help of this organization. The organization gives us volunteers to work in a friendly and an unrestricted environment which brings out our individuality to the work that we do and which allows us to put our own little inputs to the way we want to teach these children. I thank the organization for giving me the opportunity to w