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Stephen's Experience - A volunteer from China

My name is Stephen, the volunteer from China work at Scead Foundation.   I have worked here for three weeks and mainly have four jobs. Firstly, teaching drama (skits on child labor   and other social issues )   at International School. The school is beautiful and the meal is very good which give me a deep impression. The teachers here are open-mind and students are warmth.  Secondly, teaching children at home every night, the children ‘ family financial situation is not very good but they study hard and is also very naughty, I teach them some simple Chinese ,play drama , sing and dance together. Thirdly, teach drama in a poor school every Tuesday. Finally, promoting the free education school, I with the NGO stuffs go to the poor people area to promote the government school. I saw almost every family have many kids and can only live in a small house, many children play on the stricture stress instead going to schoo Sometimes, on 12 june i participated in World child labor d


Scead foundation actively participated in the world child labour day campaign organized by the Govt of India Venue:Mahatma Gandhi Road(Statue),Bangalore,INDIA Date-12th June 2011 The Department of Labor,in association with the Govt administration had organized an Anti-Child labor campaign in the roads of Bengaluru.Scead Foundation lent a helping hand in organizing the  children,making this campaign a huge success. The walk started  at the Gandhi Statue on M.G road and went all the way till the Kanteerva stadium.Scead foundation takes pride in playing an important role in Anti-Child labor movements. SCEAD foundation 140 children participated  team lead by sijudaniel  SCEAD INTERNATIONAL STUDENT STEVE FROM CHINA  IN THE CAMPAIGN