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World Literacy Day March 2012

                   SCEAD foundation held organised a  World Literacy Day March, held on Saturday,  8 th of September, in front of the BIA school in Jayanagar. This event started  at 10:00 a.m. in front of BIA where 600 students of BIA, City College, Jain College, National College and M.S Ramiah had  distributed tagged pencils to the public and marched towards two different government schools.  We collected books from school students which were distributed to government schools and orphanage. Seeing as India is a developing country with its literacy rate 74%, our goal is to raise awareness on the importance of free and compulsory education.                W e organised a march to the nearest slum (Bankanshari slum) where we distributed pencils containing message motivating parents to send their children to school.                 The success of the event was assured with the cooperation of foreign volunteers from Slovakia, and Germany, who contributed