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My Work with SCEAD Foundation Bangalore

My  Interview with Daniel  Siju Thomas Daniel , Founder, SCEAD Foundation  Daniel has been an inspiration to the many volunteers who have been lucky enough to work under him. Tarshish Kurien with Daniel  He has been a visionary from the beginning. The roots of social work began to grow from the early age of 17 when he and his fellow college mates took turns to work with a government school named Banjara Palya on the outskirts of Bangalore, often bunking classes. They drew up a schedule: with a fixed timetable of who would bunk when in order to seamlessly visit the school and teach the underprivileged children and reinforce the importance of education. In a country such as India which has remained firmly behind other developed nations in spite of a huge wealth of natural resources and opportunities to innovate, Daniel’s SCEAD is paving the way for other such NGOs to continue their work and realise the dream of full literacy. India lags behind other countries so much tha