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Zoe Mouratoglou from Greece (Athens )

SCEAD Foundation education campaign  Venue :Around Government kannada school old airport Road Bangalore India Date: August 2011 On Going Project  Last Sunday all the interns along with SCEAD members went to the slums for campaigning. The purpose of our campaign was to approach children and their parents and encourage them to enroll to school. Many children from poor families are sent to work instead of being educated. However this creates a vicious circle of poverty because without education they do not get opportunities for a better life as adults, remaining poor and leading to the same pattern. It is this vicious circle that SCEAD wants to break and that is why we went there. We tried to show the children that school can be actually fun, and for that we played educative games along with some children from the slums that are already enrolled in school. For example one intern (Jin) came up with a game that helped the children learn how to count to ten in English, and we all e

My experience with HIV Kids

Mandya is different from Bangalore.  There are more cows and goats on the roads.  It really looks like rural area.  Most of people there stared at me for I am foreigner.  I must be very rare for them.  I arrived in the orphanage.  Children looked so happy but a sister, who is an only person who can speak English and communicate with me looked sad.  I thought because she knew children have HIV, but I was wrong.  I asked her why she started taking care of the children.  Her answer was beyond my imagination.  She was working in hospital taking care of HIV people.  One day she was told to take care of a child by his parents.  If not, they told her there were no way out to make them live.  So she couldn’t help making space for the child to live.  And she started her current work.  She and other sisters take care of 18 children.  They have to eat meals, go to school, wear cloths, take shower, and take medicine. Sometimes they go to hospital.  A few sisters work and earn wages to

International students a Project with Child Help Line India

CHILD HELP LINE Bangalore India venue: office of commissioner  of Police   Date: 12 August 2011   SCEAD International student Amy (japan) moustafa (Eygpt) Zoe Mouratoglo(Greek)   Jinyoung Oh (Japan) Ashlina (Ireland)  It has been about a week that I came to Bangalore as a volunteer with SCEAD Foundation.I wanted to work with SCEAD not only because I love working with children, but also because I admire SCEAD's mission and methods. Making education accessible as well as attractive through art, giving children the opportunity to get off the streets and break the vicious circle of poverty, was something I wanted to be a part of. Observing all this happen from afar was just not enough. Up to now my experience has been more than great! I have been working with two different classes of children of different ages, teaching them ballet and Greek dance. To me it is almost unbelievable that I get to teach something from my culture so far away from home. Before starting my inte

HIV kids (a project by SCEAD)

Venue: Snehalaya orphanage Mandya,south India Date:31 July,August 2011 Ongoing project  ”Visiting an HIV center is quite a unique experience. We went there with the hope of putting smiles on the children’s faces; however, it was the other way around. Experiencing the innocence of these kids and how those very simple things and some small acts can be so meaningful will surely leave its mark on you.” Mostafa (Egypt)   “I stayed in Snehalay a center.   It is my first time to see HIV kids.   When I arrived in the building, I saw many kids.   They danced for us looking happy.   I realized they look same as children I always teach in privileged school.   There are laughing, crying, running, dancing, and living.   What is the difference between them?   They have HIV.   Medical technique develops, but they don’t live as long as us.   It is not their faults.   They were just born not knowing anything.   Many of them still don’t know their destiny.   Sisters w