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Volunteers from Christ University. (2BBM A)

Volunteers from Christ University. (2BBM A) Project: Venue: Bangalore INDIA Date: 4 th March 2012 onwards RAHUL SIYAL, ASTHA GADDH, AKSHAY SINGHVI, MEGHA SHYAMILI, PARAG TODI, VIGNESH IYER DAY – 1 (4 TH March) SCEAD foundation. The word holds a different meaning now from when I first heard it. The experience was so different from what we expected. Little did we know that our first day was going to be a fun-filled exciting one. We spent our first two hours getting to know about the NGO from Mr. Daniel who is the founder. Mr. Daniel spoke to us about the organization. SCEAD Foundation was started in 1998 and was all about eradicating child labour initially. They slowly began expanding their boundaries towards teaching social awareness in Government schools and conducting street plays on social issues. After all introductions were made, it was all work. We left for a slum in Bilekahalli at around 11:30 AM and were asked to find out how many kids attended the Government schoo