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National volunteers, November and December

I started working with SCEAD foundation as an intern from 12th November 2011,  its been over a month now since I’ve started working with them, Its an honor working for this organization as a volunteer
My job here is mainly focused on taking special classes for students at a government school in Frazer town where we have to teach them subjects related to their syllabus it is basically to stop school drop outs, SCEAD foundation has helped me understand the importance of helping others and how our little effort towards these children makes such a big difference in their life. I feel privileged to be doing my bit for the betterment of the society with the help of this organization. The organization gives us volunteers to work in a friendly and an unrestricted environment which brings out our individuality to the work that we do and which allows us to put our own little inputs to the way we want to teach these children. I thank the organization for giving me the opportunity to work with them and hope to continue working with them in future.


I had attended global village at the government school, at Fraser town Bangalore India. The event was organized by SCEAD Foundation. I had no preknowledge of the global village, but I had a short presentation of my country (Kenya) . I think it was enormous event because with the children I also learnt about other Indian culture as well as various country presentations made. I had great time! I thank the SCEAD  for  organizing this event, and enhancing my knowledge and experience.

Report by Karen Kainyu (Kenya )

Hi, I am Auqib malik. I reside in  Srinagar, currently studying law at Christ university. Since the last 2 months I have been working as a volunteer at Scead foundation. It’s really great working here and I look forward to be a member of Scead family in the future too . I always wanted to work for the betterment of the society .After coming down to Bangalore with a research of 4 months I found SCEAD foundation. SCEAD foundation is the best place if you practically want to help under privileged children rather than a book research. I have been to four schools by now. And this is the best way because we have a direct interaction with the children . I feel it’s the best place to work at as we get to meet different people, we have debates on social issues which helps us in finding out solutions in a easy way to multiple problems, we are also into sports, training under privileged children in fields like football ,athletics and karate .
Auqib Malik (Christ university) 

I started working with SCEAD foundation as an intern since12th of November 2011.
It has been just been three days that I have worked with them and the experience so far has been really great.
In these three days I have been able to understand the importance of volunteering in order to bring little difference to the life of under privileged children, by the youth.

Though I have to work with a government school as the main part of my internship, I have also been provided opportunity to attend a photography workshop which I have never done before and definitely would be really helpful for our future assignments.
Apart from this the field work which was to to go to different part of Bangalore city  identify child labours and take pictures of them so that it would help me as well as the organization to  collect information about the social issue such as child labour and its affect on their life.
SCEAD foundation has by far been very interesting and a great platform of learning and experiencing new areas which are of great importance. It has also proved to be an organization which gives opportunity to its volunteers to work in a free environment. 
The friendly environment in this organization has also helped in working unconditionally for the cause.
As about the organization itself, it has definitely left an impact on my thought process in this short span of time. Hope that we get to work together on many more causes and make a difference.

Sonam youtol
Christ iniversity
MA sociology-II

SCEAD Foundation has been consistently working for development in field of education.We have been working with a vision to provide education to underprivileged students. Primary Education is a fundamental right in our country. The absence of adequate infrastructure and inefficient teaching staff is one of the main factors affecting education in India.
Dropouts among the school children is high. This is because poor people want their child to work for their livelihood. In order to bring down the dropout count, Scead foundation provides breakfast to many government schools. Volunteers of Scead foundation also teach in these schools.
On 4th November 2011 we arranged breakfast for students of Government Kannada and Tamil Model Primary School in Frazer Town. Idli and sambhar was distributed to the students for the breakfast. The breakfast was arranged with the help of our project partner Times Foundation. Times group has always provided a helping hand while working for the dream project of Scead foundation.
The task of distributing the breakfast was taken under the leadership of President of SCEAD Foundation Mr. Siju Daniel. This task was carried with the help of our volunteers Auqib Malik and Krishna Kant Singh.
These young and underprivileged students are not different from any other person. They too have dreams in their eyes. SCEAD Foundation under the leadership of Mr. Siju Daniel has been working day and night to make their dream come true.

Uthkarsh (Christ University )

(SCEAD Content Editor and Photographer -Trishal Jain )

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