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SCEAD Foundation has lots of opportunities for national and international volunteers. We hosted over 300 volunteers from all over the world including Poland, Germany, England, US, Egypt, China, Bahrain, etc
Now it’s your chance. Leave your footprint at this world. Help where it’s needed. Make a difference!

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Our Volunteers

My name is Mohamed Restam, 21 years old from Bahrain.
Couple weeks ago I got the chance to work in SCEAD FOUNDATION INDIA and an orphanage and get to know to that great institution, and I saw how much effort that people over there are doing to maintain a good educational level to those children.
That was a really good experience to me as I was impressed since the first day I have been there with the high level of intelligence of the children in the orphanage, and when I started working with them I get to know them more, I discovered that those children are very special and they should have a good chance to learn because they deserve it and they might be in an important positions in the future. So I support the purpose of this institution and I hope that everybody stand up for those children so they have a bright future. Regards.

Hello, my name is Shayma and I was an EP from Bahrain.
My experience was overwhelming yet life changing. I can recall the long time it took us to get to the orphanage which made me feel uncomfortable. But the minute I stepped into that place and got introduced to the wonderful people that are running the orphanage I was more curious to meet the orphans and the other kids. It was amazing to see how these beautiful angels respect us, appreciate everything you teach them and are interested to learn more. Unprivileged and poor yet very smart and hard working which teaches you a lot about appreciating the things you own. I really loved working with these kids they honestly taught me a lot. India was charming, had many mind blowing scenes but me and the kids will always be my favorite.
Kind regards and greetings from Bahrain

After spending almost one month in India, I can proudly say that it was such a great honour to be working with your Foundation. Having to manage my first days without any assistance was really difficult, but after meeting you and getting introduced to the foundation and its various projects specially "Save Girl Child" the whole situation was changed and I started to perceive things in a more positive way. To see the establishments that you achieved in those orphans lives is extraordinary. It will always make me step up and think about volunteering as well as helping the ones in need. Hopping to hear from you soon and meet you back home.
Kind regards,
EP from Bahrain
Fatima Shaker
Kind regards and greetings from Bahrain

Volunteering Opportunities in SCEAD

  • Teach local students
  • Share your talents (music, sports, crafts, arts...)
  • Share your culture
  • Train the teachers
  • Assist the teachers at different classes
  • Teach languages
  • Create awereness on child labour and other social issues
  • Contribute to children’s personal development
Web Designing
  • Improve the website
  • Coordinate online promotion of SCEAD Foundation
  • Coordinate blog and social media communication
  • Coordinate marketing activities of SCEAD Foundation and public relations
  • Coordinate blog and social media communication
  • Write articles about SCEAD’s activities
  • Write articles about world’s issues that SCEAD Foundation has been solving
  • Plant trees
  • Develop rural farmers
  • Participate on rural farming activities
  • Raise funds for SCEAD Foundation
  • Find new sponsors and partners
  • Paint and decorate schools’ buildings
  • Create video presentations of SCEAD’s activities and projects

Volunteers' Application Form


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