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GIVING KNOWLEDGE TO TRIBAL  COMMMUNITIES IN INDIA AND INSPIRING THEM BY BOOKS  Library for tribal children at Bandipur Tribes and Wayanad    volunteers can contact SCEAD Foundation for donating books and  service   December 2020 to January 2021 
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NPS kid's with SCEAD FOUNDATION children's home.

paint my school N.S.PALYA (BTM 2nd stage ) Bangalore south on going project October 2020


I am a volunteer.

Youth Empowerment Peace Seminar on Discrimination Against Women duiring COVID 19

Web seminar ON Youth Empowerment Peace Workshop Discrimination against Women  during COVID 19

Colours add vibrance and positivity all around!

Colours add vibrance and positivity all around! On 2nd October, we the SCEAD FOUNDATION, are going to add a little more positivity to our surroundings by adding hues and creating sketches of our beloved Father of the Nation. This is an initiative to elevate the level of joy and beauty when the situations appear gloomy. So, let's join our hands in these tough times and make the situation a little easier by showing our creativity! Content writing Volunteer  Epsita Mukherjee