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Experience on visit to the School on 12th Feb, 2011 - Jasmine Project.

Whenever we think of children’s, the first thing that comes to our mind is innocence and naivety.  A child is the purest form of a human being as he is not yet molded by the harsh realities of life. All his activities bring forth his true feelings and he is not bothered about what people think of him. 

Upon arrival at SCEAD foundation school, I was immediately awed by the surroundings. It’s very cam, As we walked inside we were greeted by many friendly faces (Children’s) saying, “Hello!” this was the beginning of an amazing experience that I will always be appreciative for  schools that provide poor children the basic education; it is an institution of excellence. The belief that everyone is entitled to equal opportunity regardless of social status is exactly what the SCEAD Foundation is trying to provide for the children…..
The most rewarding part of this whole experience was getting to know the children…I enjoyed learning about the children’s likes and dislikes and their dreams and aspirations … After we taught them some dance steps for their school day, even had fun with the kid’s , to be telling frankly this was one of the best day I had in my life which is unforgettable.
I had a wonderful experience at SCEAD foundation and wonderful time working with Mr. Siju Daniel, not only with the children’s, but the friendliness of the staff and other volunteers also enhanced my experience. This is a foundation that makes you feel a part of it rather than a stranger. Its not only me had a great time, i was accompanied by my best friends Vinay and Rahul, even they too had a good time.

I owe a great thanks to SCEAD Foundation for providing me with this eye-opening opportunity. I hope to come back and volunteer again someday. I will always be grateful to the children for giving me this unforgettable experience and I can’t wait to come back to see their smiling faces again. I’m proud to have been part of this SCEAD family….
"Children are our most valuable natural resource."
Thank u,
Thripthi sundar Abhikar


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