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Volunteers from Taiwan

Volunteers from Taiwan  Project: Teaching in SCEAD Adopted Govt School Bilakahalli, Bangalore South Venue: Bangalore, India Date: 24 January 2012 onwards      Bilakahalli School Coordinator : Saroj  +918105562669 For More Information, Contact : Siju  Thomas Daniel  +919845222812      IVY  Jane    The first day we went to school, that was so excited. Looking at so many children , from their eyes I can feel that they are curious” who are we?”” where are we from ?” Maybe it’s a good start. They asked us to sit on the chair and watch them dance. For me , that was the most happiest day since I came from India. During their dancing show, I feel incredible, because they danced so happily and energetically. In Taiwan, we seldom see kids dancing like that. Watching their dancing show was really touching .   2011,1,25 Today we went to school to teach Taiwan culture and dance. At first, I felt nervous, because I afraid they don’t understand wha