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Campaign Against Smoking

Date – 29 th May, 2011 Event – Stop smoking campaigning (Dum Maroo Dum) Time 7:00 am  to 9:00 AM Venue – MG Road (Mahatma Gandhi Statue) BANGALORE INDIA   Dum Maroo Dum – Stop Smoking event was been conducted by Red FM 93.3 supported by Idea and Jayadev Institute.. This campaigning was been led by JD (Jagadeesh). Head of Congress Mr.  Krishna Byre Gowda inaugurated the Campaign. RJ’s Divya, Pradeep, Lucky, and Sujata were part of this Campaign. There were totally 100 people who participated in Dum Maroo Dum.  Dollu Kunitha (Folk dance of Karnataka) Troup danced and participated in Campaigning.  Campaign started from Mahatma Gandhi statue to Brigade Road. Scead  had a small street play at the end – Yama (God of death) will take you away if you smoke more  SCEAD Foundation participated in this event (Siju Daniel , Jyothi M C Nikhil Jha and other volunteers   Dum Marroo Dum”, “Nimma Life yestte idru namma preethi a

Spreading Awareness About Education

       On 25 th of may 2011, we all assembled at in Government Patel School, N.S.Palya, BTM 2nd Stage Bannerghatta Road. We started at 5.30 p.m  ended at 8 p.m. There were students from Christ, St.Joseph’s, SSMRV, Jain colleges, government school students, AIESEC, artists, musicians, IT professional, which means we all were from different backgrounds, but heading towards 1 goal - to abolish child labour and attract kids towards education. As it was planned for the campaign to take off at 5.30p.m from the govt Patel school we all assembled there and started our campaign which was accompanied by the press reporters from times group, surana and the like.   It was another area, another day to enlighten the kids about the importance of education and the ways to receive it. We were 50 of us who joined hands together for the cause and split ourselves in 2 groups (25 in each) and targeted nearly 300 houses. We went in different

Ending Child Labour Through Education

As I entered the class room all the kids shout good morning akka, which brings in great enthusiasm in you and make you to love what you are doing and moreover we got to see three new kids in our paathshaala which was even more motivating, they are mani, maheshwari, pawan and niveditha. Then me and my other co-mates were in thoughts what should we do, so that these kids enjoy as well as gain knowledge. So we started playing word building where we came to know about these kids knowledge and we were shocked. They were so good at it, and words were at the tip of their tongue. Then koushik took over the game and coordinated the kids with shroothi for the rest of the day and rest of us got engaged in painting chess board on the floor, about 10 chess boards we scaled and painted them which was a really fun filled job to do for the kids and the same was continued to the next day. We scalled , painted  the chess board and then it was continued by smitha another volunteer from

"Stop Child Labor " Education campaign waves at Bangalore slum Indian

Venue: South  India Date 21 may 2011 onwards My Experience Pallavi banerjee My campaigning experience was moving as well as quite surprising. As this was my first experience of visiting slum life I had my own set of expectations out of it. I was of the opinion that I will come across poverty, families where children are deprived of education because their parents do not have money to even afford food. But the reality was a bit different from my predefined notions. I realized that more than poverty, unawareness is the actual reason that is depriving the children of education. Not all of the homes where so poverty stricken that they cannot afford education. In fact some of them had luxuries like television, refrigerator and yet the children were not sent to school. This made me realize a bigger problem called child labor. Each of these families make their children work in shops or markets along with them so that they become a source of income. For them if a child is capable of earning

Volunteers from St Joseph commerce college Bangalore India

Date: May 18, 2011 onwards Venue: Govt school  /SCEAD STUDIO  N.S.Palya 2 nd stage B.T.M layout 2ndstage Bannerghatta road The first day of our internship at the SCEAD foundation  Mr.Daniel, to whom we introduced ourselves. We were six of us in total. Namely Priyanka, Shrooti, Manu, Anant, Siddharth and myself Koushik. Mr. Daniel first took us to visit Green Pastures, a school which was under his project. There were 5 children there who were as happy 2 meet us, as us who were happy to meet them. After a brief introduction of ourselves’ and the children Priyanka stayed at the school with the 5 chiildren, Naveen, Lohit, Tirumal,                    Darshan and Joshina. After coming out of Green Pastures the other five of us went to a government school, the Patel  high school which is another school part of Mr. Daniel’s project. At the school we met the principal and after that talked to Mr.Harish who was teaching maths for the students’ of class 10 as a special coaching class.

HIV, AIDS Awarness Camp at Bangalore Police Battaillion 9 India

SCEAD foundation works relentlessly to spread knowledge and education in India on Various issues concerning the society. And I have been very lucky to have been a part of this effort. Recently SCEAD foundation took a step in creating HIV-AIDS awareness by reaching out to the Bangalore police officers. The awareness program was held at the base camp of Battallion 9, KSRP in Hosa Road, Bangalore India  A huge gathering of over 100 police officers bore witness to the presentation on HIV-AIDS. The program kick started with the Commandant of Karnataka State Reserve Police Mr. Hiremath Supdt. of Police welcoming the director of the foundation Siju Daniel with a bouquet of flowers and introducing us to the higher rank officers. Soon after the speech, the Presentation was screened which, elaborated every little detail about HIV and AIDS. From the spread of the virus to its treatment a wide range of topics were discussed during the presentation. A very healthy interaction followed afte

SCEAD foundation has a clear mission!

My name is Vladimir Soukup I came to SCEAD foundation from Czech Republic where I am studying international trade at University of Economics in Prague. Having a 3 years experience with leadership and management I was given a very important job description. My task was to help the founder clarify and set a clear mission for the organization so that the activities are focused and an increased impact is achieved in that particular area. Based on this mission the way to do it would be designed and concrete activities put in place.   To create this output was a very challenging goal we set. After many meetings that sometimes lasted to late at night we managed to make a progress. We were asking our selves WHY does the organization exist? What is its mission. I am more than happy that this is now clear. The mission of the organization is to: "STOP the child labour!" This may seam like an easy thing to decide but it is actually very important and not that easy at all. The mission de

Each One Teach One

                                                        Go for the Goal - End Child Labour  Movement started : May 2011 onwards  Venue:  Govt school /SCEAD Studio Bangalore INDIA     Involving govt school children on the campaign on education       This play is all about how important it is to stop the child labor and shows how important is the child’s life to be experienced in his right age. Students from Patel Government School and Green Pastures School.