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     PRESS NOTE  ON SAVE GIRL CHILD  27 JULY 2012 Over the years, there have been several attempts  to spread awareness about the importance of girl child. But spreading this awareness through exhibitions is a trend which is relatively rare in the City. ‘Space for Children in Education Art & Development’ (SCEAD) recently organised a two-day exhibition on ‘Save Girl Child’, at the Bangalore International Academy (BIA). The focus of the event was female infanticide. The exhibition displayed photos of various women from different walks of life. The photos were taken by photographers from Portugal, China, Taiwan and India and a few students of BIA. These photos, which capture the problems faced by Indian women, were taken in various parts of the country. Siju Thomas Daniel, the founder of SCEAD Foundation and the contributing photographer for the exhibition, says that the main purpos



Children Raise RED cards on World Population Day

Campaign on World Population led by  SCEAD Volunteers  with SCHOOL KIDS  Date: 11 July 2012   Venue: BIA STREET and near by SLUM  Volunteers from all over the state of Karnataka and the whole of India put their combined efforts to make this event a huge success. Foreign individuals from countries of Europe and Asia who have been volunteering with SCEAD Foundation will also take part in the project by sharing some valuable insight on the occurrence or non-existence of overpopulation in their respective home countries. We hope that the comparative study that was made will provide every participant the opportunity to further enhance their knowledge on the subject.

Volunteers from Portugal

Project : Government School, World Population and Save Girl Child Date  : 4th July onwards Bangalore, INDIA Today I visited two schools, one privately owned and one owned by the government. The difference between the two is massive. The classrooms in the former are very clean and neat, with projectors and good-looking desks and chairs, etc. But in the former you can see how decayed and worn-out things looked, some children don’t even have shoes. But even in these hard conditions they’re always smiling and are really interested in meeting new people, especially foreigners. They also seemed to like to take pictures with our cameras. The private school students clearly knew more, but were also more disciplined and showed less emotions. Report by Tomas   After visiting the government school and the private academy, I was able to gain valuable insight into the huge differences that exist between the public and the private education sectors. I felt almost overwhelme

International Volunteer from Taiwan

  JIM from Taiwan 5th July 2012 onwards The difference between private and government school shocked me a lot.  The students in the school are really cute and pure.  I  feel powerless because there's too much for us to change.  After understanding more about  SCEAD Foundation, I am really proud of to be part of it as it's a meaningful project.  I understand that the world is full of inequality but when you actually see that there are students in government schools who don't even with shoes to wear, it's sad for me. India is totally different with what I thought, some kids speak more English than I do.  Although our strength is really small, we still have to stand up for the world.  I am thankful that I have better education environment.  It's really good to see that private schools support government schools to make the inequality less severe.  I hope I can really do something to help the schools and children.