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Manual, a volunteer from Portugal

A this was my second trip to India, I can’t really say I experienced a huge cultural shock, although even on my last day I thought that I was going to go out and get hit by a bus because the traffic here is simply crazy!                 You can’t really compile a list about India without listing the reasons why it is known as “Incredible India” throughout the world. For me, the biggest reason isn’t the amazing towering landmarks or the flavorful food, for me, the thing that makes India truly Indian is its people.                 In India, you experience all sorts of social approaches, you can be swindled by a dishonest auto driver, you can be warmly greeted by a child on the street, you can be dragged into an intense conversation with a complete stranger or even be shown around town absolutely for free, as was the case for us when we visited beautiful Mysore. In all of these situations you always think the same thing: “My, what a peculiar country this is!” And India is in fact

Our Children Against War

SCEAD Foundation will be hosting an event at Bangalore International Academy against all kinds of war, specifically nuclear warfare. A large map will be presented, showing what happens after a nuclear device is detonated and it's effects on the surrounding environment for the following years. There will also be a papier-machĂȘ bomb on display made by the NGO's volunteers and local students. International participants are going to help develop the project. Coming from Portugal, Taiwan, China, Czech Republic and Germany. Project Partners :  BANGALORE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY                               Volunteers Partner  :  AIESEC BANGALORE, M.S Ramaiah College Bangalore, Christ University                                   Contact : Siju Daniel +91 9845222812, Jim (Chiang)  9632425136, Toms : 9731877013