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Karla Rancic, a volunteer from Croatia

June/July 2013 Even though only one week has passed since I arrived in Bangalore, I can tell that my experience in SCEAD Foundation is and will be incredible. Everything in SCEAD is about children. Accordingly, all of my activities are focused on children and their progress and prosperity. It is a great pleasure to work with children and young boys and girls and impart my knowledge and skills to them. I teach them Ballet, History, Geography, English and Public Speaking. Their huge interest and happy faces compensate all the culture shocks I have had in India. In the next few weeks, I will also work in orphanages through the Foundation, and I am really looking forward to that experience. I hope that this experience will help me love better, for love is the most important thing in our lives. As Mother Teresa said  - "It is not how much we do, it is how much love we put in that action". Not only am I a teacher to these children, they are also teachers to me. They taugh

World Population Day 2013

On the occasion of World Population Day 2013, SCEAD Foundation India organised a 1 kilometre walkathon that began in Jayanagar 7th Block. A total of 400 students from City College, Bangalore International Academy and AIESEC Bangalore, as well as interns from Croatia, Poland, China, Egypt and Turkey, took part in this campaign to raise awareness about over-population. After the walkathon, over fifty students visited a nearby slum to distribute red awareness cards to the slums' inhabitants. These cards contained advice written in Kannada and informed people on how to reduce population. These cards were distributed to over 500 homes with the aim of increasing awareness on the importance of family planning and smaller family sizes. The campaign was a  success, thanks to the support of partners BIA and AIESEC Bangalore.  

World Against Child Labour Day 2013

SCEAD Foundation organised a march against Child Labour on 12th June 2013. Students as well as volunteers from various colleges in the city gathered at Freedom Park at 9.30 a.m and walked to Bangalore University. The finale was held in the auditorium, with the honourable Minister of Labour inaugurating the event. All those present at the event took an oath to do their part to say no to child labour and say yes to education.

World Environment Day 2013

SCEAD Foundation organised a sapling planting drive on June 5th 2013, on account of World Environment Day. Volunteers and students gathered in front of BIA School in Jayanagar 7th Block at 10 a.m. Saplings were distributed and the crowd walked towards the planting site.