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Let’s be a glittering audience for the little kids

SCEAD foundation kids to exhibit there litter talent on 26 th February, Let’s be a glittering audience     Venue: New Jasmine School , Kalikanagar, Andrahalli Road ,   Magadi Road   Bangalore   INDIA Date : 26 th Saturday  February , 2011 Time : 6 Pm Onwards Interested go on    + 91 9845222812 , Email :

Experience on visit to the School on 12th Feb, 2011 - Jasmine Project.

Whenever we think of children’s, the first thing that comes to our mind is innocence and naivety.  A child is the purest form of a human being as he is not yet molded by the harsh realities of life. All his activities bring forth his true feelings and he is not bothered about what people think of him.  Upon arrival at SCEAD foundation school, I was immediately awed by the surroundings. It’s very cam, As we walked inside we were greeted by many friendly faces (Children’s) saying, “Hello!” this was the beginning of an amazing experience that I will always be appreciative for  schools that provide poor children the basic education; it is an institution of excellence. The belief that everyone is entitled to equal opportunity regardless of social status is exactly what the SCEAD Foundation is trying to provide for the children….. The most rewarding part of this whole experience was getting to know the children…I enjoyed learning about the children’s likes and dislikes and their dream

Let's colour Education

Paint the school Let's colour  Education -Join us  All you need to Get a paint Brush ,  Saturday 12th february 2011 Time 3:pm