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Snehalaya and SCEAD a home of HIV affected kids in south INDIA

SCEAD FOUNDATION supports the hand of  snehalaya kids Don’t be scared people this kids need a hug , Its just a normal disease don’t not put away from the society   will i able to  see this world for few more days brother   The movement we will never forget with this kids  “We are the world , we are the children  “   all i need is a few days time in this world 

International volunteers experience

Incredible India! A country of big contrasts. Very rich people, who have everything (begining with power and status in society and finishing with expensive clothes, jewelers, cars..). On the other side there are very poor people who have nothing. They have to work hard every day for receiving food and money for their families...  There are a lot of volunteers   who take care of underprivileged people. It is a big system of different organizations from all over the whole world. They provide a lot of things , which are needed by this people. One of them – Scead foundation usually helps children in government schools. This organization provides books, stationeries, blankets and other useful things. And now I am a part of this system...] I was working in Government Tamil and Kannada Primary School. All the equipment for classrooms, sports, library, books etc. are provided by the Principal and the teachers who are really hard working to realize all that. The children are very a

SCEAD international social exchange

        Cultural and sports workshop for underprivileged student   Facilitator for this workshop are from Germany, Ukraine ,India 

India solidarity with Japan

India solidarity with Japan  Candle light pageant for the victims in Japan who lost there life in Tsunami    Venue: BANGALORE INDIA   March 12, 2011 evening 6pm   united  by Bangalore Born free art school students & scead foundation

Government Kannada & Tamil School Model Primary School,

Project Name - Adopt a School (15th February 2011 onward) Government Kannada & Tamil School Model Primary School , Cleveland Town Robertson Road (Frazer town) Bangalore INDIA Accede to start up volunteering the school with hands of magic -           Providing computers/funding for computer training of students. -           Strengthening of Library. -           Adoption of slums near the school. -           Hand holding handicapped students to lead a normal life.     -           Training Students on the art (Dance, Music & Singing) -           Physical training (Rugby, Football…..) -           Providing play materials -           Training student on various skills, Self Development, Personality development etc. -           Providing Scholarships -           Training teachers on to improve the education quality -           Conducting workshops on cultural activities to the children’s -           Creating awareness about importance of education to children’s -        

International social youth exchange March to May 2011 Bangalore INDIA

International social youth exchange  March 2011 Viktoriia  from UKRAINE                                                                                          Olena   from UKRAINE                                                                                                     My name is Frederic Loew from Germany and I am a volunteer in the SCEAD Foundation in Bangalore.  The Foundation was founded by Siju Daniel Thomas who wants to stop child labor and provide different alternatives for children. In cooperation with Times of India. The foundation adopted two schools, the Govt Kannad &Tamil school in Fraser Town  and Jasmine School in magdi Road, Bangalore, India.  The aim is to give education to the children as the basic of their future life and develop their personalities. Most of the children do not have parents who could pay the fee to go to a school. SCEAD Foundation will try to provide for as much children as possible education and food. I began to

SCEAD present musical ballet workshop for SSMRV university Bangalore INDIA

SCEAD  present musical ballet workshop  for SSMRV  university from 06/02/2011 to 03/03/2011 Ballet dance Play on Global war