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Fumitaka Haba - A volunteer from Japan

I started working in an underprivileged school around my apartment from this Tuesday. I was told to have “Japanese culture class” for 1 st ~7 th grade students by the principle.   I taught them how to play “origami” which is Japanese traditional culture and which we Japanese can make many things folding.    So far, I taught to 4 classes.   Younger students can’t use English well and can’t understand what I say.   They are always noisy and don’t even sit on their chairs.   I didn’t know how to do with them at first. However I got used to take care of children, and learned to manage classes smoothly. I taught them how to make “rose” by origami.   It is easy for even beginners to make it, and every student could succeed in making rose.   They seemed very happy and got interested in Japan. When I talked with older students who are 15 years old, I was surprised to know how many they have never seen foreign people and they don’t know the world. Through this work, I wan

Campaign on education in search of School drop outs

On Sunday the 17 th of July 2011 we went campaigning in order to try and encourage the local people to send their children to Government Kannada model primary school Kodahalli Old Airport Road Bangalore India and discourage child labour. The campaign was very successful and with the help from local volunteers we were able to persuade six families to send their children to school. These children varied in age, from seven to twelve years. Many of these children were drop outs and very eager to learn and educate themselves to try and better themselves for future employment. All that was needed was a little support and guidance on our behalf.     Walking through the slums I personally was shocked at the poor, unsanitary conditions these people lived in. Nevertheless, they welcomed us with open arms were very happy to listen to what we had to say. The majority of the parents were not given the opportunity to attend school and most wanted to give their children this valuable advantage

Ashling Doogue - A volunteer from Ireland

Venue : Govt kannada and Tamil School, (Frazer Town) Bangalore INDIA Date 1st July  2011 onwards My experience in the government school was very enjoyable. I loved interacting with the children. They had wonderful personalities and were very funny. In the morning we walked to the nearby slums to encourage the parents to send their children to school to receive a proper education, this is a very important part of the SCEAD foundation. In the afternoon i played games with the children and thought them basic english. I felt that i benefited a lot from visiting the slums and truly enjoyed the day. by Ashling Doogue

International exchange for SCEAD adopted orphan children home

Venue : St.Gaspar children home Bangalore INDIA  Orphanage experience by Ashling Doogue( Ireland)  Today, we went to the orphanage. This was my first experience going to an orphanage and i did not know what to expect prior to my visit. When we reached it, my first impression was positive. The Children were friendly and full of fun. I was delighted to see that their was also a school in the orphanage which gave the children the opportunity to learn and progress in their education. The majority, even the younger kids were able to understand me, and speak some English. I felt that the children were very small for their age compared to the kids in the other schools which i have previously visited. Some looked delicate and weak, nonetheless this did not deter from the continuous smile on their faces. The wonderful spirits of the children are noteworthy. Although I found the experience a little emotional tough, i feel privileged to have had the opportunity to meet them and but I l

1st Experience – Simran

My first experience in Govt Kannada and Tamil School Frazer town, Bangalore, teaching crafts to the students of 7b was really awesome… I had a good time with those kid’s, I always wanted to do such services where i get peace of mind and it’s because of SCEAD Foundation i was able to do it.. So i will be always thankful for that.   Kids were really enthusiastic and very eager to learn new things and to my observation they were able to grasp very easily whatever i taught them and did the craft beautifully, i was really happy seeing this… They were mischievous, but together with that full on spirit with learning things. They made some camera & Lotus with the paper work which i did not know and presented it to me, which was really sweet of them.   I will never forget such a wonderful experience and will try and keep doing such things in my life, which will make you as well as others happy about it. Once again thanks to SCEAD Foundation for giving me this opportunity. Report b

Volunteers from Iceland

June 2011 onwards The campaign was  held on Saturday in a poor neighborhood in Frazer town, Bangalore. The purpose of our campaign was to talk to the parents of underprivileged children and convince them of sending their children to school. The campaign turned out to be very successful and about 35 children were signed up for elementary education as a result. Whether the children will all remain in school for the long run remains to be seen, but that is also something SCEAD intents to monitor. On the whole, our impression of SCEAD was that it was a very dedicated group of people that were doing very good and ambitious work for underprivileged children in Bangalore. Report by Tinna Palmadottir and Thorsteinn Kristinsson