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Jain University MBA Students Visit SCEAD Foundation

JAIN UNIVERSITY MBA Students volunteers Date:16,17,18 September 2011 Venue :Bangalore ,Mandya (INDIA)   Chandana -  "Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something" .   I was very delighted to visit kids at Snehalaya  I would like to thank Daniel and sister Bina for giving  me this opportunity. The kids have inspired me so much so that as a Post graduate I would definitely be a helping hand to various such NGOs in the world together with Scead Foundation and Snehalaya Shoaib - Visiting Snehalya   in Mandya was a difficult task but it's worth. Children make our life inspiring, same way visiting HIV Positive kids here made my day and they were actually the one who actually taught me what life meant. First time I see them I never felt that they were actually affected by the disease and I believe they are not. I heartfully thank SijuDaniel and Sister Bina for giving me and my friends the opportunity to serve for the kids and learn many things