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Hatice Guneli Turkey Intern her First exprience in SCEAD Foundation

 it was my first activity in scead foundation we went to sheshadripuram university to talk about peace in the world. My topic was peace in turkey and what happend in syria and realtions between this two country. firstly we wanted to show  our culture and beauty of our country later we talked about the history of our country we gave them some examples from "ottoman times" that time so many different people was living together muslim and non- muslim white or black these people lived together in peace with solidarity and in brotherhood so we can have hope that to bring it back to this countries again.Then  we shortly talked about syrian problem and questioned that when people dying over there how others so silent and relax!! what other can do for them !! Then we mentioned as student what they can do because we believed that education can bring peace and achieve everything if it s properly in "education meaning".. so we try to make young people aware of others, to loo

Peace Education in seshadripuram college of business studies

Peace Education in seshadripuram college of business studies  November 2018