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volunteers from Egypt

3o days have passed since I arrived to India . Those 30 days were the best experience I have ever been through during my whole life as I was working in an orphanage where there are beautiful kids aging from 5 till 17 years old and helpful staff and teachers   I were a little bit shocked and afraid on my first visit to the orphanage, I didn't know how I was going to deal with the kids and how I was going to hide my feelings for being sorry that they have no family, but when I was there everything changed. The kids are so cheerful. They never let you feel that they are upset about losing their parents as they are all a big family in the orphanage. They have a lot of mothers and fathers to take care of them. A lot of sisters and brothers to play, study and eat with them. My experience in the orphanage was very good. Actually I won't ask for something better than this. The kids are well dressed and educated. They speak English well with a good accent that we can understand t

Education Campaign in Bangalore Slums (follow up work ) 2013

Education Campaign   Follow up work   July 2013