Culture Sharing Session about Czech Republic

Date: Saturday, April 23

LocationPatel Government School, Bangalore, India

On Saturday, April 23, four SCEAD Foundation’s delegates delivered a culture sharing session in the Patel Government School.

- Daniel, the founder of SCEAD Foundation; 
- Suravi, a volunteer from Christ University Bangalore; 
- Miska (or Michaela) a singer from Czech Republic, who has been volunteering in Bangalore already for 1 month; 
- Vlada from Czech Republic, also SCEAD's volunteer from Czech Republic;
- Nikhil, a volunteer from Symantec Software Solutions


The session's main topic was Czech Republic, a country in the heart of Europe from which 2 SCEAD’s delegates are coming from. Miska and Vlada teached the children variety things about Czech Republic such as its location, capital city Prague, typical food, brands, culture, landscape, climate, president, currency. 

In exchange of a song that the children sang for the delegates, Miska taught a czech kids’ song&dance “Pásla ovečky”.

 At the end Vlada had a speach about the importance of learning English language in today’s world. Vlada is a student and a member of international student organization AIESEC. Thanks to his long time experience working in international environment he was able to give detail examples of how English connects young people from all over the world and opens incredible amount of opportunities to them.


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