Stephen's Experience - A volunteer from China

My name is Stephen, the volunteer from China work at Scead Foundation.  I have worked here for three weeks and mainly have four jobs. Firstly, teaching drama (skits on child labor  and other social issues )  at International School. The school is beautiful and the meal is very good which give me a deep impression. The teachers here are open-mind and students are warmth. 
Secondly, teaching children at home every night, the children ‘family financial situation is not very good but they study hard and is also very naughty, I teach them some simple Chinese ,play drama , sing and dance together. Thirdly, teach drama in a poor school every Tuesday. Finally, promoting the free education school, I with the NGO stuffs go to the poor people area to promote the government school. I saw almost every family have many kids and can only live in a small house, many children play on the stricture stress instead going to schoo Sometimes,
on 12 june i participated in World child labor day with 5thousand students , i was glad that this students were  recued from toil and back to school i saw the freedom on in there eyes

and every morning  I go with the NGO founder Siju Daniel to his kalari/yoga class to practice yoga with the students and teach them some simple Chinese.


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