Campaign on education in search of School drop outs

On Sunday the 17th of July 2011 we went campaigning in order to try and encourage the local people to send their children to Government Kannada model primary school Kodahalli Old Airport Road Bangalore India and discourage child labour. The campaign was very successful and with the help from local volunteers we were able to persuade six families to send their children to school. These children varied in age, from seven to twelve years. Many of these children were drop outs and very eager to learn and educate themselves to try and better themselves for future employment. All that was needed was a little support and guidance on our behalf.  
Walking through the slums I personally was shocked at the poor, unsanitary conditions these people lived in. Nevertheless, they welcomed us with open arms were very happy to listen to what we had to say. The majority of the parents were not given the opportunity to attend school and most wanted to give their children this valuable advantage in life.  Their lack of knowledge and money often prevents them from making this vital decision on behalf of their adoring children. The SCEAD foundation and its admirable volunteers work tirelessly in order to change this and I am delighted to be given the opportunity to help them in their noteworthy campaigns. 



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