International exchange for SCEAD adopted orphan children home

Venue : St.Gaspar children home
Bangalore INDIA 

Orphanage experience by Ashling Doogue( Ireland) 

Today, we went to the orphanage. This was my first experience going to an orphanage and i did not know what to expect prior to my visit.
When we reached it, my first impression was positive. The Children were friendly and full of fun. I was delighted to see that their was also a school in the orphanage which gave the children the opportunity to learn and progress in their education. The majority, even the younger kids were able to understand me, and speak some English. I felt that the children were very small for their age compared to the kids in the other schools which i have previously visited. Some looked delicate and weak, nonetheless this did not deter from the continuous smile on their faces. The wonderful spirits of the children are noteworthy. Although I found the experience a little emotional tough, i feel privileged to have had the opportunity to meet them and but I look forward to visiting them again.

by Ashling Doogue


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