Fumitaka Haba - A volunteer from Japan

I started working in an underprivileged school around my apartment from this Tuesday.
I was told to have “Japanese culture class” for 1st ~7th grade students by the principle.  I taught them how to play “origami” which is Japanese traditional culture and which we Japanese can make many things folding.  

So far, I taught to 4 classes.  Younger students can’t use English well and can’t understand what I say.  They are always noisy and don’t even sit on their chairs.  I didn’t know how to do with them at first. However I got used to take care of children, and learned to manage classes smoothly.
I taught them how to make “rose” by origami.  It is easy for even beginners to make it, and every student could succeed in making rose.  They seemed very happy and got interested in Japan.
When I talked with older students who are 15 years old, I was surprised to know how many they have never seen foreign people and they don’t know the world.
Through this work, I want to spread all students’ insight to the world and future.


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