HIV kids (a project by SCEAD)

Venue: Snehalaya orphanage
Mandya,south India
Date:31 July,August 2011

Ongoing project

 ”Visiting an HIV center is quite a unique experience. We went there with the hope of putting smiles on the children’s faces; however, it was the other way around. Experiencing the innocence of these kids and how those very simple things and some small acts can be so meaningful will surely leave its mark on you.” Mostafa (Egypt)

 “I stayed in Snehalaya center.  It is my first time to see HIV kids.  When I arrived in the building, I saw many kids.  They danced for us looking happy.  I realized they look same as children I always teach in privileged school.  There are laughing, crying, running, dancing, and living.  What is the difference between them?  They have HIV.  Medical technique develops, but they don’t live as long as us.  It is not their faults.  They were just born not knowing anything.  Many of them still don’t know their destiny.  Sisters were playing with children, looking sad a little to me. 
What can I do for them?  I will stay there again, for one week.  I can’t make their lives longer.  I can just entertain them. 
After going back to Japan, I want to tell as many people as possible about them.  “Lives are very precious.”  I want to give the message showing HIV kids living hard.” Fumitaka (Japan)

team lead by siju thomas daniel 

any donation towards this kids  contact  SCEAD +919845222812/email


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