My experience with HIV Kids

Mandya is different from Bangalore.  There are more cows and goats on the roads.  It really looks like rural area.  Most of people there stared at me for I am foreigner.  I must be very rare for them.  I arrived in the orphanage.  Children looked so happy but a sister, who is an only person who can speak English and communicate with me looked sad.  I thought because she knew children have HIV, but I was wrong. 

I asked her why she started taking care of the children.  Her answer was beyond my imagination.  She was working in hospital taking care of HIV people.  One day she was told to take care of a child by his parents.  If not, they told her there were no way out to make them live.  So she couldn’t help making space for the child to live.  And she started her current work.  She and other sisters take care of 18 children.  They have to eat meals, go to school, wear cloths, take shower, and take medicine. Sometimes they go to hospital.  A few sisters work and earn wages to contribute them.  Sisters are not rich, they have to live by themselves, and I think they sometimes enjoy their hobby.  However they have just helped children, and they are going to keep it. 
I can go to school, eat food whenever I want, and do anything I want.  I can come to India if I want.  I don’t have to worry if I can live longer or not.  I can earn money and use money mostly whatever I want.  I felt my life in Japan is really happy. 

I don’t feel many Japanese people try to contribute poor people.  Some of them want just go to good university and good company to get money.  Japanese people are happy because they were just born in Japan.  I want to make as many people as I can happy in the future.


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