Painting Competition for Liberated Working and Street Kids

SCEAD Foundation India  organized painting competition for liberated street kids now a students in Government Kannada & Tamil School Model Primary School,   Cleveland Town,   Robertson Road, on 1st October 2011 Bangalore India

Children creativity knows no bounds How do children depict in pictures such a complex topic as  child labor  The pictures from the  children painting competition on this topic say more than a thousand words: They illustrate the concerns and hopes that children around the world has to be liberated


Competition started at 10 am with around 40 children. The  theme on working kids and landscape , we volunteers from SCEAD foundation India glad  to see this children early morning prepared to express there life story  in an drawing board.

Volunteers from different college and professionals were present for this event.

On 15th and 16th  October   2011 we are exhibiting  this paintings  in this event which  provides opportunity for upcoming children’s talent and fundraising for development of Government school

And also there will be photography exhibition on Child labor by Artist Siju Daniel and Oilpainting by Simran


  1. good work SCEAD. all the best for the exhibition.......................


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