Adopt a school ( November 2011)

ADOPT A SCHOOL  november edition  year 2011 onwards
ongoing project 
Venue : Government Kannada Model Primary  high School, Bilekhalli ,Bannerghatta  Road
off BTM 2nd stage , Banalore 560076
Bangalore INDIA November  , 2011

Project Head: Siju Thomas Daniel +91 9845222812

Project Asst:Auqib Jeelani malik ,+91 8147552899
Coordinator :Shubi Mack
National volunteer Host :shareeq +91 7204730859
 write up :krishna khant Sing,Utkarsh Sahu

Project  Partner 

Times Coordinator : Belinda

 Scead foundation adopted a new school in bilekhalli Bangalore India (ASIA).it was pleasant to see that the students in that school were  interested in interacting with us, though we might  think that language is the biggest barrier, you will change your mind by just visiting them. the eagerness in the students to learn something new made my heart melt and I started with what I knew .thought students in govt schools don’t read news papers the knowledge they knew just blew me apart, it was surprising to see them answering each and every question put in front of them. i was lucky to be a part of such an event.
  All of us played a traditional game of kabadi with the students in the school today it was a good experience for some one like me who never played the game in my life. It is also good to see that the students did not hesitate to approach us .they offered us with every bit of respect, they also told us to come everyday and teach them, it was heart warming for me to receive such a good remark.
Overall the experience which I had was amazing I think by continuing this way we can make India a better nation by educating it first. According to me education is really important teaching some one something is not a bad thing to do, after all u also learn so much from the person u teach.   

Report by  shahareeq (Christ University) 




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