Eye Screening Camp

SCEAD Foundation has adopted many schools. Among them are Government Kannada Model Primary School and Government Kannada & Tamil School Model Primary School in Cleveland Town Robertson Road .We are providing breakfast to these schools to reduce the dropout. Our volunteers are even teaching in these schools.

We organized Free Eye Ccreening in these schools. The camp was organized by Project Head  Mr. Siju Thomas Daniel. The screening work was undertaken by Sankara Eye Foundation under the leadership of Dr. Rajat. The Eye Screening has been successful with the support of our Project Partner Times Foundation.

On 18 November 2011 we organized eye screening camp in Government Kannada & Tamil School Model Primary School in Cleveland Town and a similar eye screening camp was organized on 24 November 2011 in Government Kannada Model Primary School, Kodenahalli. Eye Camp in Both the school was successful due to effort of the volunteers from Scead Foundation and Sankara Eye Foundation.

We conducted on site vision screening where in children were checked for near vision, far vision, colour vision and depth perception. Also, glasses were prescribed to children onsite and those detected with higher refractive errors and other visual problems were referred to the hospital for a detailed examination. The program also entitled these children for eye care services at Sankara till the age of 18 years.

We wholeheartedly like to thank Times Foundation and Sankara Eye Foundation for their support in noble cause taken by SCEAD Foundation.


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Government Kannada & Tamil School Model Primary School,