Child Labour vs Right to Education Campaign

Child Labour vs Right to Education Campaign 

Venue : Dhodanagmanghalli, Hosur road, Bangalore India 
Date 18th December 2011
Project Director : Siju Thomas Daniel 

On 18th December, 2011, The SCEAD Foundation organized a campaign near  St. Gasper orphanage adopted by SCEAD , near Hosur road. The plan was to walk around the village and make everyone aware of this school, which provides free education or the government school. The main aim was to make them realize that education is more important, and brings fruitful results in the long run. 

We all were divided into two groups. my group visited various small factories. It was a heart breaking sight to see young children and teens working among dangerous machines and equipment to earn a living for their family. Instead of learning and playing, they spend their time working. Little do they know that if educated, its going to serve them all along their life.
We spoke to all their parents, some of them found education waste of time and money. Its not easy convincing these orthodox thoughts. Definitely you won’t get the results overnight. But our explanation did make them atleast realize the hazardous affects of child labor. 

All in all it was a different learning experience, both practically and emotionally. Practically, we did implement all those factors which once we studied in our social classes. And ofcource emotionally we realized that we are lucky in some way, and we should take this blessing of god and change the lives of the unfortunate.


Today was really an eye opener for me. For the first time i got to
mingle with orphan children. At the initial look they looked like any
other kids i have seen. But it wasnt so. They were more than good. I
started speaking to them in kannada but it was amazing to hear perfect
english sentences in reply. They were all a bunch of highly talented
Our first task for today was to go around the area around the school
and find out children who either dropped out of school or havent
attended school at all. If so then try and convince them to join the
school sponsored by the SCEAD foundation. St. Gapes school, the school

we visited today is run by a sister and was started by her single
handed. She runs the school from her own salary satisfying around 40
children's daily needs. We went around campaigning about this school
where each child is provided with free food, education, books,
uniform, etc. But what highlighted today was the children. 
When I asked one girl what she wanted to become in the future she clearly
said a fashion designer... that was so amazing. And she was so
confident about it that she didnt change her decision even after I
asked her if she wanted to become an engineer. They are the future of
our country. Small dreams and ideas like these can change the future.
This was my first experience and I am looking forward to more such
exciting experiences.   

Varsha Olety (Christ University )

 Volunteer Coordinator :  Shahareeq and  Auqib Malik 

For more information, contact : Siju Thomas Daniel +9845222812, Nikhil +91 9629746800


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