Dana, a volunteer from Latvia

My experience as a volunteer  

Date : 6th June 2012 onwards

Visiting Incredible India as it is said and believed has been my dream and strong wish for over 2 years. And finally here I am! I come from Latvia, a country in Eastern Europe. I decided that it would be a great, yet unknown experience for me to teach children in India so I decided to join SCEAD Foundation. My aim  is to enlighten children, give new ideas and broaden their knowledge about different cultures and  social issues as well as to teach children English. 

My other experiences took place at a government school. The difference between government and private schools is like that of day and night, not only in the educational system, but also attitude wise. Kids at government schools are hungry for knowledge and are very keen on being taught, though they misbehave more often than in private schools. The aim of classes in government schools is to teach children English through variety of methods, which is what we did during the classes.
On 12 June we attended a mass event called World Day Against Child Labour. Thousands of children dressed both in uniforms and casually took active part in the programme learning about child labour and understanding what impact it has on children’s future lives. The event made children and grownups gather and once again realize the importance of this highly important issue that needs immediate and efficient actions. 

Dana Nailjevna


  1. Article's author is Dana, that lives in Riga, Vecmilgravis? ( sorry fo bad english:) )

    1. thank for sharing your talent and time with this kids

    2. Exactly;))) It is me Dana from Vecmilgravis;)

    3. I was the happiest person on earth when working with kids in government school next to BIA, jayanagar block 3!! Thanks to SCEAD foundation I found my small happiness and unbelievably sincere kids and teachers! Especially Manjula and Jana!


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