International Volunteer from Taiwan

 JIM from Taiwan

5th July 2012 onwards

The difference between private and government school shocked me a lot. The students in the school are really cute and pure. I  feel powerless because there's too much for us to change. After understanding more about  SCEAD Foundation, I am really proud of to be part of it as it's a meaningful project. I understand that the world is full of inequality but when you actually see that there are students in government schools who don't even with shoes to wear, it's sad for me.India is totally different with what I thought, some kids speak more English than I do. Although our strength is really small, we still have to stand up for the world. I am thankful that I have better education environment. It's really good to see that private schools support government schools to make the inequality less severe. I hope I can really do something to help the schools and children.


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