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volunteers from Egypt

3o days have passed since I arrived to India. Those 30 days were the best experience I have ever been through during my whole life as I was working in an orphanage where there are beautiful kids aging from 5 till 17 years old and helpful staff and teachers

 I were a little bit shocked and afraid on my first visit to the orphanage, I didn't know how I was going to deal with the kids and how I was going to hide my feelings for being sorry that they have no family, but when I was there everything changed. The kids are so cheerful. They never let you feel that they are upset about losing their parents as they are all a big family in the orphanage. They have a lot of mothers and fathers to take care of them. A lot of sisters and brothers to play, study and eat with them. My experience in the orphanage was very good. Actually I won't ask for something better than this. The kids are well dressed and educated. They speak English well with a good accent that we can understand them. But there is some negative feedback I had while visiting them. Firstly, the place where the kids sleep and eat must be more modified and cleaned because the animals enter there rooms and sometimes they ate with them which could lead to a lot of diseases and infections. Secondly, the staff should give the kids some different varieties in food as they eat rice with a sauce every day which isn't healthy for the kids to eat the same kind of food 7 days per week. 

  I think the orphanage is in need to some donations and money so they could be one of the best orphanages in India. Actually they must be one of the best orphanages because they have the best kids ever. In my whole life I didn't get that positive energy that recharge my day except from those kids. I believe that those kids one day will be lead India to a better positions among the word as they have smile and energy I have never seen them before. Without that orphanage my visit to India was going to be worthless.


I am writing this article so that I can share my experience and happiness after coming to India and working in Scead Foundation.
 Well, at first I had a kind of culture shock, everything was weird for me and I wanted to go home badly but when I started working in the orphanage and after spending 30 days knowing these children, I have to admit that I'd pay anything to stay with them one more day. Actually, the children have the ability to spread the positive energy in the air. Although, they lost their parents for various reasons, Death, neglect and poverty but they were able to remove all the bad memories and start once again with a wide smile at the orphanage. I was astonished when I found all of these children wearing tidy uniform, speaks English fluently, educated very well, perfect knowledge as they even know true things related to Egypt (My country) That I don’t know. Although they do not have much to give but it didn’t happen to leave the orphanage daily without at least 2 memories from the children maybe a picture, sticker, earring and necklaces. I think everyone must seek to help these children to take part in the country as the other children. At the end, I guess the positives outweigh the negatives in everything. India and the children were the best experience in my life and I will do my best to come back again only for them.



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