Michal from Poland

My name is Michal from Poland 

I spent last 2.5 months in Bangalore, working as a volunteer in the SCEAD Foundation. For many reasons this was a very valuable time for me and I am happy that I had the opportunity to come there.

First of all, going to different schools, interacting and teaching children was a personal development experience for me, during which both me and children were learning. I found out that teaching can be very enjoyable although at the beginning I was a bit scared of it.

Finally, I met very good people and found many friends. I am especially thankful to Daniel, who was my host and with whom I spent almost every day. He was scheduling and planing my work and yoga classes  but also taking me to interesting places and cared about the quality of my Indian experience. Together, we went to wedding  concerts, restaurants, historic buildings and places with beautiful nature

would recommend volunteering in SCEAD to anyone interested in teaching and India. If you like and care about children this work will give you lots of satisfaction.
Best wishes 
Michal (poland)


  1. Beautiful pictures, Siju... It will be nice to include the name of all partners and organizers... so that they will be happy as well.. my suggestion...


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