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internship experience


 The day we entered the slum, we actually got to now that a totally different world exists.The kids are the future of our country and a lot of them above 5 years don’t actually know what a school is. Talking to them made us know that they are scared to go to schools, they are scared of the beatings. 
Kids are hardwired that if anyone comes to interact to them , it’s for the purpose to fetch them to schools and hostels.
We decided to built a good rapport with them. We engaged students with art n craft, football, kabbadi. They are very enthusiastic and have willingness to learn.
They are restricted because of their parents. They want to support their families financially by going out to work. They are unaware of the bad world outside.
Talking to them made us realise how we can actually make them understand the importance of education and in our little way give back to the society.

Sweta Satnaliwala:

The major hurdle was to catch hold of all the kids together. They hesitate to come up, feeling they will b forcefully sent to school. They are scared to share their opinions, with the elders being around. It seems they are trained what to speak and tell. While conversing with the kids and people there,


The day started by playing some outdoor sports like football to keep them engaged. But we did not have enough participants. So the first task was to gather the children and make them play together. Once all the children were brought at one place, we started the games and the children were very much engaged in the game. Our next task was to get them involved in art work. So we bought sketch pens and pencils for them to draw. They successfully completed the task. It was as a good experience. Making the kids  do things which they couldn’t do because of some unforeseen reasons.


On the very first day in the slum area, I had sympathy towards those kids. But now, after knowing them for just three four days, there is concern instead of sympathy for them.
They are immensely  talented and have the potential to do wonders. All they need is someone to guide them !! It would be an achievement for us if we could convince even one kid and guide him/her through the light of knowledge !!
Ayushi speaks:

There are some kids who what to got to schools but have to stay back to take care of their younger siblings. As both their parents go for work.It is a challenging job to convince those souls and tell them what is actually good or bad for them.The most difficult task for us gathering the children in the slum and interacting with them as most of them were trained by their parents not to disclose if they actually go to a school.Suprisingly many actually wanted to join a school but their parents weren't very supportive enough instead they force them to stay and take care of their younger siblings.However it was a good experience for us today  knowing the innate talent talent they harbour by engaging them to draw and organising games..It was a fun experience for all our teammates interacting with them and Knowing how talented they are....


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