SCEAD Foundation Volunteers in south Korea for World peace September 2018

A festival of Peace in South Korea? “How can a Peace Summit be held in a country that has been separated by war from it’s own peninsula?”, I thought with surprise when I first heard about the HWPL Peace Summit. But my experience during my 4 days stay at Incheon,
South Korea changed my perception and brought me to realize that ‘World Peace Is Possible’ and achieving it is the responsibility of every human. We are the Citizens Of The World; We Are One and hence it becomes essential to contribute our bit to achieve World Peace for the betterment of our future generations so that they can live in a peaceful and war-free environment holding a pen instead of a weapon. How can I forget the splendid welcome, princely hospitality and generous send off that was given by the HWPL volunteers who took immense pride and responsibility in portraying their best behaviour to make this 4 days journey a memorable one. They’re hard work was paid off as it was because of them that these 4 days shall be cherished forever. It would definitely be incomplete if I forget to mention the most important day of this summit, the 18’th of September, 2018 - a day that would mark the history of time, a day when lakhs of people around the world were calling for and celebrating Peace coming together as one at the Incheon Asiad Main Stadium.
Shuchita Nagaraj  with IOC Member and former Hungarian President Pal Schmitt 
I strongly support this cause of Chairman Man Hee Lee who has dedicated his life for Peace - The Youth’s Peace. I also attended the Conference on “The Role of Youth in Spreading a Culture of Peace for the Realisation of World Peace” where we had important speakers whose words touched the hearts of the youth. It gives me immense pride to have been a part of this Summit that was dedicated towards a serious cause - World Peace. I thank Siju Thom  Daniel  (Founder - SCEAD Foundation) for making me a part of this Mesmerising Event. Now being affiliated as a member of the IPYG (International Peace Youth Group) which is one of the wings of HWPL, I look forward towards working for a Peaceful Nation and a PeacefuWorld

because We Are One.

~ Shuchita Nagaraj

Mr Nagraj with IOC Member and former Hungarian President Pal Schmitt 

SCEAD Foundaiton Delegeats in south Korea for WORLD Peace  Organised by HWPL /IPYG  
siju thomas daniel and Arun shiva with Rex  IPYG PROJECT LEADER 



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