Being a part of this wonderful journey at SCEAD Foundation,

Being a part of this wonderful journey at SCEAD Foundation, has been truly rewarding.
I got an opportunity to interact with young children, who are blessed and talented in so many ways. These children can dance, sing and draw so well! Their energy is contagious, and they each come with an undying spirit, reflected in their smiles.
What astonished me most about being with these children was that they were able to communicate in four different languages and even though I didn't know the local language, they were able to understand me without any difficulty!

This experience has definitely taught me about the conditions that so many slum children are currently living in. Through the organisation, I am glad that I could lighten up their lives and also make them happy during the time we interacted.

Hearty congratulations to SCEAD Foundation for being able to make their lives better each day!

Priyanka Menda 


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