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International social youth exchange March to May 2011 Bangalore INDIA

International social youth exchange  March 2011

Viktoriia  from UKRAINE 

                                                                                        Olena   from UKRAINE 

My name is Frederic Loew from Germany and I am a volunteer in the SCEAD Foundation in Bangalore.

 The Foundation was founded by Siju Daniel Thomas who wants to stop child labor and provide different alternatives for children. In cooperation with Times of India.
The foundation adopted two schools, the Govt Kannad &Tamil school in Fraser Town  and Jasmine School in magdi Road, Bangalore, India. 
The aim is to give education to the children as the basic of their future life and develop their personalities.

Most of the children do not have parents who could pay the fee to go to a school. SCEAD Foundation will try to provide for as much children as possible education and food.

I began to work at Frazer school and taught them rugby for some classes. The kids have been very enthusiastic and after a few elementary exercises we had a proper match.