Volunteers from Taiwan

Volunteers from Taiwan 
Project: Teaching in SCEAD Adopted Govt School Bilakahalli, Bangalore South
Venue: Bangalore, India
Date: 24 January 2012 onwards
Bilakahalli School Coordinator : Saroj  +918105562669
For More Information, Contact : Siju  Thomas Daniel  +919845222812


The first day we went to school, that was so excited. Looking at so many children , from their eyes I can feel that they are curious” who are we?”” where are we from ?”
Maybe it’s a good start. They asked us to sit on the chair and watch them dance. For me , that was the most happiest day since I came from India. During their dancing show, I feel incredible, because they danced so happily and energetically. In Taiwan, we seldom see kids dancing like that. Watching their dancing show was really touching .


Today we went to school to teach Taiwan culture and dance. At first, I felt nervous, because I afraid they don’t understand what I am talking about. Fortunately, there is an Indian girl who is also a volunteer can translate for us. From the beginning, I was a little bit don’t know how could I teach, but those kids smiles give me supports. So I become getting better and better at teaching. After teaching Taiwan culture , I taught a dance name taike dance. Actually, this dance is famous in south Taiwan, so we taught them about this song. Listening their sounds and watching them dancing is really inspire me . Maybe they don’t know about my county clearly, but our heart is connecting together with the joys and happiness.

Today, we continue our Taiwan culture , we change another classes , this time we taught 6Th and 7Th grade students .This time I used the Chinese stuff more appropriately , those kid love it. So this time’s class we go on efficiently. During the class we not only taught them about Taiwan culture, we also taught them about scout songs. This song is very cute and with some action. We both have fun with this song. After the class, kids said they want to sing a song for us . They sang a song which I don’t know the meaning but I know is a good song. At that moment , I fell in love with kids , I wish I can stay forever with them. Their amazing voice and incredible smile really touched my deep heart. After finish the class, we are all excited to take photos , suddenly, the teacher came ,then everyone become silent. They are really lovely.

 saroj  +918105562669


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