Project YOGA 2016- 2017

LEARN  yoga TEACH the underprivileged EXPAND your horizons  

International  YOGA Students Exchange  October  2016 -2017

SCEAD Foundation introduces a unique opportunity for International students who wish to come and immerse themselves in the experience that is India. We now offer a program where students can undertake a Kundalini Yoga course with a passionate and certified yoga teacher. Students can attend classes and experience for themselves the amazing benefits that this ancient technology has on the body, mind and spirit. Students will also get a chance to engage in one-on-one and group discussions on yoga philosophy. They will also be taught specific short sets which they can practice anywhere and even share with others.

At the same time, students will get an opportunity to teach English or other languages and Arts and Crafts to school children across rural and urban Bangalore and surrounding areas. This is a fantastic opportunity to interact with children and teachers, exchange cultural ideas and expand perspectives.  Students who have taught in these programs in the past have found it enriching at many levels. We recommend you try it out for yourself. 

My experience of training Kundalini yoga with Divya was very positive. She was a very helpful, happy and patient teacher. It was my first encounter with yoga and I found it relaxing and energizing. My favourite part of the class was deep relaxation at the end. I think practicing yoga is a great thing to do in the morning and I would like to continue doing it to see more long term effects. I can recommend yoga to everyone. It is worth trying and Divya's classes are a good place to do it.” Michal Marczynski  POLAND 


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